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CES 2015: Samsung shows off new SUHD TVs with striking colours

Samsung has unveiled a new line-up of TVs over at the Consumer Electronics Show, called SUHD TVs.

What now? Basically, these are UHD TVs (ultra-high definition) with new quantum dot tech on board from Samsung, which makes for a superior picture with striking contrast, brightness and colour levels – or so Samsung claims.

And those who have seen the TV in the flesh seem to agree that the picture is very impressive, if perhaps verging on the oversaturated at times.

Samsung claims that the SUHD TV’s nano-crystal semiconductor produces the highest colour purity and light efficiency available on the market right now, and that the SUHD re-mastering picture quality engine tunes things to bring out the ultimate contrast levels (with deep and dark blacks). It also helps minimise power consumption.

Furthermore, some models of the new TVs offer a curved screen for better immersion (or that’s the idea, anyway), and all of them have a new Tizen-powered smart hub, which Samsung is naturally claiming is more intuitive and feature-packed than its previous televisions. Samsung is slowly but surely turning to Tizen for more hardware, with the move already being made for its smartwatches.

HS Kim, president of the visual display business at Samsung Electronics, commented: “Regardless of the content source, Samsung provides the leading picture in the industry and will continue to do so with our SUHD TVs. Consumers can trust that we are more committed than ever to consistently deliver a superior home entertainment experience for years to come.”

The SUHD TVs will be available in sizes from 48in to 88in, with three tiers in the range, namely models JS9500, JS9000 and JS8500.