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Dash wireless earbuds could be the ultimate multi-functional wearable

This year's Consumer Electronics Show has been great so far, giving us insights into some crazy gadgets that are coming our way in 2015.

Besides the 'dishwasher within a dishwasher' and the sinister looking belt that tightens or loosens on its own (imagine a malfunction and a constant tightening :O), start-up company Bragi has presented The Dash, wireless earbuds that serve both as a music player and as a smart, wearable fitness tracker.

The tiny, waterproof gadget can connect to a smartphone over Bluetooth and can be used as a 4GB MP3 player as well as an exercise and fitness tracker.

The device was first spotted on Kickstarter back in March, when it raised more than $3 million (£1.9 million) from an initial goal of $260,000 (£170,000).

Ever since, the Munich-based start-up has been working hard to deliver the earbuds, which will cost £299 when they hit the stores in April.

The earbuds, as the start-up claims, fit perfectly for 94 per cent of the population, has a tap command for turning on and off and is equipped with 15 sensors that measure basically everything from distance covered, to heart and respiration rates.

The company is developing its own app for the device, but welcomes anyone willing to create the app themselves. So far, some 2,500 developers have expressed interest in the device.

As they say, the Dash could become much more than a music player or fitness tracker - it has the potential to be a hearing aid, or a language translator.

The most important aspect of any smart device is the battery, and the Dash is expected to have 250 hours of standby, four hours of play, or three hours of play and tracking.