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Introducing The Belty: The first wearable of its kind

Smart wearables are definitely a thing of the future and CES 2015 is (living) proof.

After smart watches, shirts, pants, underwear, there’s one piece of clothing that people overlooked, but now seems incredibly logical for it to be “smart”.

And that is, of course, the belt.

A French start-up called Emiota presented its belt in Las Vegas and the web’s been buzzing ever since.

The smart belt - called The Belty - connects to the user’s smartphone to set up different preferences based on things like sitting or standing.

The Belty has a number of motors built in, and it will automatically tighten when the wearer stands up, and loosen when he sits down. It will also loosen if the wearer has eaten too much.

Apart from the most logical use, The Belty can also track the user’s activity via built-in accelerometer and gyroscope.

It knows exactly how much you’ve been moving and if you should be more active in your life. It will also give you a nudge if you’ve been sitting for too long.

When it comes to looks, most people seem to agree that it could be better. Right now the belt is a huge, heavy-looking snake of metal, as Cnet puts it, “resembling something a superhero might design three or four iterations from the crime-fighting-ready version”.

The founders of Emiota believe we shouldn’t be creating new wearable things, but add technology to what we already wear, including shoes, glasses, gloves or belts.

The belt is currently a prototype, and is expected to hit the stores later this year.