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Apple won’t be producing a 4in-sized iPhone 6 Mini

It seems, at least according to the latest word from the mobile grapevine, that Apple doesn’t intend to introduce a smaller 4in iPhone this year.

The rumour that Apple is going to produce a new 4in-sized iPhone 6 Mini, to cater for those who aren’t into larger-screened devices such as its current iPhone 6 models (which are 4.7in and 5.5in), first popped up a month ago.

It was said at the time that the device would launch in the second half of 2015, and would be targeted at female users.

However, the source of that rumour, G for Games, is now saying that the so-called iPhone 6 Mini won’t be happening, after hearing from supply chain manufacturing sources via the Wei Feng Network. These fresh sources are saying Apple hasn’t put in any orders for components to make a 4in handset.

Whether this rumour is false, or the initial one is untrue, is obviously impossible to tell at this point. It would seem odd for Apple to backtrack to a 4in phone, in all honesty, but we guess there would be demand for it from some corners of the market, and perhaps the idea is to make a new budget model.

Still, we sit on the “not going to happen” side of the fence on this one.