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BMW's new self-driving car won't let you crash

Google's self-driving car might still look like the most polished project, but BMW showed off some incredible new features on its own self-driving car, including the ability to stop almost all crashes.

Using the 360-degree Collision Avoidance project, the BMW car will automatically brake for the driver, if they do not. Testing the car out at CES 2015, many were surprised by the precision on the program required to understand when to brake.

BMW is using ultra-wide high-resolution cameras on the self-driving car to map the surrounding area, allowing the car to maintain a detailed picture of how close obstacles are, and all information is sent to the central brain.

The Collision Avoidance is still in testing and only works on speeds under 20mph, meaning it is not fit for the road yet. BMW is looking at slowly integrating autonomous features into the self-driving experience, before removing the need to drive at all.

BMW claims the technology might be available on cars in five years, but there is still lots of testing to do before that time. BMW needs to add different objects and make the car understand what to do in certain situations.

Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz and Ford were all at CES 2015, showing off different new features for cars. Ford is the only automotive company at the event to not show off any self-driving features, the CEO Mark Fields said Ford would not release a self-driving car for at least another five years.

All of this self-driving car buzz has overshadowed Google's car project, which it has been working on for over two years now. Google has implemented various safety precautions shown off at CES 2015, and has a huge database of objects for the Google car to recognise instantly.

Image Credit: AutoGuide