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CES 2015: Audi shows off own brand in-car tablet

Audi has become the first automotive firm to launch its own brand in-car tablet computer, as revealed at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

The German company will offer the device alongside its new Q7 car, in the hope that it will provide a more fulfilling rear seat entertainment service.

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The Audi Tablet boasts a premium metal finish, a 10.1-inch display and runs on Google’s Android operating system. The manufacturers have also ensured that the device is specially equipped for in-car use, ensuring that the screen is reflection-free and remains visible even in direct sunlight.

It will also become the first table to utilise the automotive-grade Nvidia Tegra 4 chip, which guarantees better performance during extremes of temperature - much needed on those frosty winter mornings.

The tablet will provide practical functions like in-car climate control, alongside entertainment services and will also be capable of connecting to the car’s Wi-Fi. While Audi has explained that the device will work outside of the car too, it is recommended for in-vehicle use. As such, the tablet will lock itself if not returned to the car’s docking station, located within the front head restraints, within a month.

A spokesman for the car giant said that Audi wanted to modernise in-car entertainment and the launch of their own tablet seemed like the obvious choice.

“It’s a more modern and stylish form of control – and by designing the tablet ourselves, we’ve been able to give it a suitably premium finish while also tailoring it for in-car usage.”

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During the Las Vegas event, Audi also confirmed that user safety was a key concern during the tablet’s development. Accordingly, the device has been constructed using a special form of glass designed to not shatter if impacted during a crash.