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CES 2015: Thank to Audi, you can now control your car with a smartwatch

Audi has unveiled a specially-designed smartwatch that you can use to control your car.

Not content with demonstrating the firm’s new driverless Prologue vehicle, the German firm started the car’s engine with a simple tap on the wearable gadget’s screen.

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According to the Mirror, Audi’s head of research and development Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg also used the wristwatch to drive the car out of the show room. It appeared as though the device was a modified version of the LG G Watch R smartwatch.

The device was confirmed to be running Google’s Android Wear operating system, but Audi had implemented its own user interface and altered the watch’s strap and face.

The smartwatch currently uses NFC technology to sync with the vehicle, but Audi did admit they were looking into a number of different methods to ensure a secure connection between smartwatch and vehicle.

Much like the other wearable gadgets on the market, the bespoke Audi smartwatch is capable of monitoring a number of health parameters, such as heart rate and body temperature.

Although consumers are unlikely to be controlling their cars from their wrist any time soon, the progress made by Audi is promising. With high-tech car fobs also offering remote starting, it is a concept that can no longer be confined to the distant future at least.

In fact, Nissan already demonstrated the possibilities of wearables and automobiles working together with its Nismo smartwatch back in 2013.

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Audi own technological innovations are part of the firm’s commitment to providing driverless cars by 2016.