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CES 2015: BlackBerry announces new IoT platform and BBM for Android Wear

BlackBerry has revealed a new Internet of Things platform over at CES 2015, and it has also announced BBM support for wearables.

The company’s new cloud-based IoT platform uses tech from QNX Software Systems along with BlackBerry’s network infrastructure, and is initially aimed at the car industry, along with shipping (and later the energy industry, and healthcare).

The platform is built on a scalable messaging system, offering services including data indexing and storage, analytics for data visualisation, and of course BlackBerry’s security. Modules will offer all sorts of data collection and analysis for the likes of maintenance records and device lifecycle management, and the customer will be able to select from prebuilt modules to construct their own custom IoT solution.

Matt Hoffman, VP of Strategy and Marketing, BlackBerry Technology Solutions, commented: “By combining the BlackBerry global network and device lifecycle management proficiency with the embedded software experience of QNX, we have built a modular, cloud-based platform that gives customers the chance to build IoT applications in a secure, efficient and scalable way. Looking ahead, we will extend the platform with other BlackBerry technologies to give developers additional control over the flow of information to devices on the network’s edge.”

BlackBerry also announced that its BBM app will be available on Android Wear devices, allowing users to be notified on their smartwatch of when a new BBM message arrives, and to read those messages on their wrist-wear. Users will also be able to respond via Google Now, or select from a number of predefined responses with the app.

You’ll also be able to accept BBM invites directly from your smartwatch.

Herman Li, Senior Vice President, BBM Engineering and Product Management, BlackBerry, commented: “The integration of BBM to support wearable technology is just one way we’re expanding the capabilities of our portfolio and delivering exciting options for customers to easily access BlackBerry’s cross-platform technologies.”

The app will become available for Android Wear in “early 2015” according to BlackBerry, so hopefully pretty soon.