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CES 2015: Hypr-3 turns your phone into an all-encompassing secure digital wallet

Hypr Corp. is over at the Consumer Electronics Show showing off its latest security device, the Hypr-3.

Essentially, it’s a thin gadget you can slap on the back of your smartphone (or indeed elsewhere, like on a keychain), which is a 3.2mm “Bluetooth sticker” as the company describes it.

The Hypr-3 comes with a partner app and API, meaning third-party digital wallets can use it to authenticate payments securely. You simply tap the device to an NFC terminal, then swipe your fingerprint along the sticker, and voila – you’ve paid.

Hypr-3 works via low energy Bluetooth and has a battery life of over a year. The sticker can apparently be easily removed, and reattached to another device should you wish to change it over.

It works with all bank cards and it can also be hooked up to a Bitcoin wallet if you’d prefer to pay with virtual currency. Even if you don’t have any Bitcoin, the system will allow you to pay with the cryptocurrency on the spot using a real-time conversion via a debit card.

The makers note: “Hypr-3 is more than an Android alternative to Apple Pay, it’s a biometric dynamic tokenisation protocol securing access for any digital currency.”

“Biometrically securing credit cards is cool, but that was the easy part. We’re aiming to provide the biometric tokenisation protocol to secure all digital currencies and third-party wallets. Consumers should be able to access irreversible digital currency without having to worry about fraud, and we believe the Hypr-3 logic is the appropriate method of doing so.”

The Hypr-3 bio-stickers will start shipping in June 2015 over in the US, costing $20 (£13). When (or whether) the product will make it over to the UK is unknown at this point.