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FitBit Surge and Charge HR finally on sale in U.S.

Following a small delay, FitBit has officially launched the Surge and Charge HR in the United States.

The two fitness wearables are part of FitBit's new range, following the forced recall of the FitBit Force in early 2014, after thousands of users complained about skin irritation when using the device.

The Charge HR is similar in almost every aspect to the FitBit Charge, but the HR has a heart-rate monitor inside.

It features a small OLED display to keep track of goals and also display a caller ID and can also track calories, sleep, steps taken and other fitness activities. It is available for $149.99 in the U.S.

The FitBit Surge is the company's first baby step into smartwatch territory, but FitBit denies it is a smartwatch, with CEO James Park claiming the company will never make a smartwatch.

It does feature an LCD touchscreen display, but only to show fitness information. FitBit has not given any information on a potential apps store for the FitBit Surge.

FitBit has added a heart-rate monitor to the Surge, alongside a GPS and sleeping sensor. There is also a total of 8 sensors inside the Surge, to make all types of fitness and health tracking available for the user.

The Surge will cost $249.99 in the U.S. and looks to be the flagship seller for FitBit in 2015.

FitBit currently controls over half of the fitness band market, although its biggest competitor, Jawbone, recently released two new fitness trackers in the form of the UP3 and UP Move.

Going into 2015, it will be a much harder year for FitBit, now having to compete against Apple and Google in the wearables market, even if it isn't making a smartwatch.