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Sony delays China PlayStation 4 launch

One of the big pieces of console news last year was both Microsoft and Sony announcing their intentions to head into China, but Sony has now delayed the entry of its PlayStation 4 to the market.

Sony first announced that it would be bringing the PS4 to the Chinese market back in May, a month after Microsoft said it was doing the same with the Xbox One, all of this following China lifting a ban on foreign game consoles which had been in place since the turn of the millennium.

Sony’s target date for the PS4 launch in China was 11 January, this weekend, but that has now been pushed back according to a statement Sony made today, Reuters reports. So when will the launch happen? No new date has been confirmed, and as the delay has something to do with negotiations with Chinese authorities, it might not just be a minor hiccup.

Indeed, that sounds a bit ominous to us.

Still, Sony isn’t likely to be worrying overly much, given that its console has been a storming success without China on board thus far. The company recently announced that it has now sold 18.5 million units of the PS4, which is substantially more than the Xbox One has managed (though we’re still waiting for new figures from Microsoft following some successful price promos and the ensuing Xmas sales, it won’t have caught up that much).