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What is 'TornPlus TV' and why is it so dangerous?

TornPlusTV is an adware program that, once installed on your system, changes the settings of the web browsers that it is installed on.

It’s like an add-on that you would normally install, except this one is annoying and potentially dangerous. It was designed to display ads that tell people about deals and discounts around the Internet and commonly attaches itself to browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, without the consent of the user.

It can be found hiding inside of freeware that people like to download. Once the freeware is installed, so is the TornPlusTV, oftentimes without the user noticing.

It watches what you browse for on the Internet, so that it can provide ads for things that you are most likely to be interested in. This also could potentially lead to identity theft.

Each time you open an Internet browser that is infected with this, it will open PriceKeaper ads automatically, without the need of a program, website or other source. These uninterrupted ads will eventually bog down your system, reducing its overall performance. It also tends to have other malicious traits like hooking deep within your operating system, making it hard to remove.

However, don’t allow this to deter you from removing it.

How TornPlus TV infects systems

It’s hard to pinpoint where TornPlusTV because it can infect your computer from a variety of venues. However, the most common is through a fake scanner Web page that leads you to believe that your computer if infected and needs to download something to remove it. Once you download it, the adware is installed as well.

Once you download it, the adware is installed as well. Another trick it uses is to display another false popup, which is actually a Trojan that looks like a flash update or video codec.

Not having this adware removed quickly will allow it to grow into a bigger problem that can lead to a violation of your privacy or damage to your PC.

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The offending malware's website[/caption]

How to recognise the TornPlusTV symptoms

When TornPlusTV is running on your system, it will display fake security alerts that warn you of infections or threats. This is used as a scare tactic to get you to believe that your computer has a serious problem and that you should purchase the TornPlusTV program. However the scan results are fake and should not be purchased.

Some of the symptoms of TornPlusTV infection include:

• Changes to your browser home page or desktop background
• Web searches are redirected
• Your computer is running slower and sometimes feels stuck
• Your Windows registry is corrupt and annoying pop-up ads appear out of nowhere.

The overall performance of your computer lies within your hands and if you are technically sound enough and monitor your system’s functioning on a habitual basis, it completely depends on you how you can keep up with the smooth functioning of your computer without hindering its performance in any way.

The performance of your system cannot be compromised with the mere complexity of any adware removal process. Ensure that your computer is free from any type of malicious software like TornPlus TV adware by evaluating your computer’s performance regularly.

By Sandra J. Lambert, a computer networking and security specialist. She is a CISCO certified professional who writes about computer security services and antivirus products.