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Apple hits back at domestic criticism with US job figures reveal

Apple has hit back at criticism that it doesn’t do enough to support the US economy, by revealing the number of jobs it has created or supported in the country.

The Cupertino-based company confirmed that it has directly or indirectly created 1.03 million jobs domestically.

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Apple emphasised that the app economy, which it helped to kick-start, is a huge provider of employment in the US.

"Apple ignited the app revolution with the launch of the App Store in 2008," a company spokesperson said. "Since then, an entire industry has been built around app design and development."

In 2013, the App Store generated more than $10 billion in the US alone, and apps designed for Apple products have helped create more than 627,000 jobs in the country. An additional 334,000 jobs have emerged as a result of the firm’s spending, while 66,000 work for the company directly.

On the firm's website, Apple also revealed that App Store revenue increased by 50 per cent to reach record levels in 2014.

In the past Apple has been criticised for shifting many of its manufacturing processes to lower-cost Asian countries. The move has not been helped by allegations that employees in developing nations are subjected to unsatisfactory working conditions and inhumane treatment.

However, in recent years CEO Tim Cook has worked on changing this image and looked to boost US manufacturing and the domestic economy. For example, Apple invested more than $100 million to open a Mac Pro assembly plant in Austin, Texas last year.

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As reported by Bloomberg, Apple is not the only company adding to the US labour force. The country’s Labour Department is expected to reveal that private companies added 228,000 workers last month, as the US job market experienced a strong end to the year.