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CES 2015: The smart socks looking to boost your running times

There have been a whole host of new wearable gadgets unveiled at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, and now you can add smart socks to the list.

Sensoria Fitness is the manufacturer behind the device, which offers a different approach to your standard fitness trackers by placing the sensors closer to where the action is.

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The smart sock includes textile pressure sensors in the sole that record data and transfer it to a removable anklet and then the Sensoria smartphone app. All the information is presented in real time, so athletes can analyse their run as it happens.

The device was originally showcased back in 2013 as part of a crowdfunding campaign, but Sensoria has now finalised the product’s development and plans to ship units in the latter half of 2015. The company has also reassured consumers that the position of the sensors does not affect how comfortable the socks are.

Sensoria believes that a runner’s cadence and striking patter both have a huge impact on their performance. Incorrect heel striking is linked with an increased chance of injuries to the knee, ankle and lower leg, so the smart sock could help athletes to stay fit and healthy, no matter how busy their running schedule is.

The firm is targeting the serious athlete market with the device, in particular “the marathon runner looking to improve their time.”

There are conflicting reports over the device’s price tag, with CNET quoting a retail figure of $199 (£133), while the company site lists $149 (£99). In either case, individuals receive a pack of two socks and one anklet, but additional socks can be purchased for $49 a pair.

The anklet can be used for about six hours before it’ll need recharging, but runners will need their smartphone with them at all times, as it doesn’t actually store any data itself. The sock will also need to be replaced after approximately 60 washes.

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With so many gadgets already available for the fitness fanatic, it remains to be seen whether the Sensoria smart sock will be a runaway success or left at the bottom of the laundry basket.