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Fast-food chain Chick-fil-A launches investigation into payments systems breach

American fast food restaurant chain Chick-fil-A has said it is working with leading IT security firms, law enforcement and payment industry contacts

Saying it received reports of potential unusual activity involving payment cards used at a few of its restaurants, it issued a statement saying that if an investigation reveals that a breach has occurred, customers will not be liable for any fraudulent charges to their accounts. “If our customers are impacted, we will arrange for free identity protection services, including credit monitoring,” it said.

The chain said that it was notified of limited suspicious payment card activity appearing to originate from payment cards used at a few restaurants on Friday, December 19th, and launched an investigation to understand all of the facts.

It said: “The initial report was of potential suspicious activity involving payment cards at a few restaurants.

“We are investigating reports of potential unusual activity involving payment cards used at a few of our restaurants. At this point, we are working diligently to understand all of the facts.”

It said that initial reports (that prompted the investigation) relates only to payment cards and recommended customers regularly monitor card accounts and to quickly report suspicious activity to your card issuers.

Among the many retailers who suffered payment security breaches last year, restaurants in the United States including PF Chang and Dairy Queen confirmed payment system compromises. In the latter case, the Backoff malware was responsible for the compromise of nearly 400 US restaurants.

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