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Reports of Windows Phone being pulled are wide off the mark

In the past few hours reports have surfaced that all Windows Phone devices had been pulled from the Verizon site.

It's a lovely conspiracy theory and certainly something to fire up the fanboys, nothing spells fan better than Microsoft or Apple.

Unfortunately, rumors of the handset's demise have been greatly exaggerated, if I may paraphrase Mark Twain.

Journalists may wish to pay a quick visit to the Verizon site, as devices such as the Samsung Ativ SE, for instance, are still available. Nokia Lumia, or Microsoft, as the case may be, aren't listed.

That is odd, but not the end-of-the-world.

No information is forthcoming yet from the carrier, which isn't surprising. The company has never been the most forthcoming of entities.

Verizon just recently began issuing updates for current devices, which should raise red flags for those talking of the platform's downfall.

No, Windows Phone isn't the end-all, be-all of mobile phones. None of us thinks it is. Android rules the roost, with iPhone trailing behind it.

But give Microsoft some credit for an innovative and easy to use operating system. It may never surpass its rivals, but it certainly has momentum and is a viable option in this market.

Doomsday has not yet arrived for the handset.