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Here's what a fireworks display looks like from a drones point of view

Those little buzzing mechanical flyers, also known as drones, have been in the centre of our attention for quite some time now, usually making their way into the headlines with some bad news.

Either someone's been using it to record people on nudist beaches, or it crashed on someone’s car, or some other incident happened that makes us wonder why would anyone even use them.

Drones have also been put to good use; it’s just that media rarely report on it.

Sometimes, they’re just used for plain old fun, and when you add New Year’s Eve and fireworks to the equation, you’re left with spectacular footage.

Nine days ago, the world entered 2015, and all of the biggest cities in the world competed for the largest and most impressive fireworks display.

As Cnet writes, Sydney's recent New Year's Eve fireworks display featured 100,000 individual pyrotechnic effects made using 7 tonnes of fireworks - and brought a crowd of 1.6 million down to the Sydney Harbour foreshore.

Together with the fireworks, organisers launched a specially built drone, to capture the display in real time.

It had six HD cameras built in, allowing for a complete and immersive fireworks experience.

The New Year’s Eve fireworks sponsor, Telstra (Australian telecom) created an iOS and Android app that allowed users to tap into the cameras and pan a 360 degree view of the illuminated night sky.

To experience how a drone sees fireworks, check out the video.