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McDonalds to offer wireless charging: Fast food and fast battery top-ups

At some McDonalds outlets in the UK, you’ll now be able to charge your phone up via Qi wireless charging.

Providing you have a Qi compatible handset, you’ll be able to plop the device down on a charging mat, and watch your battery life juice up wirelessly as you chomp your way through a burger.

McDonalds has partnered with Aircharge to make this happen, with 600 wireless charging hotspots set to appear at 50 restaurants across the country – though it sounds like the majority will likely be in London.

We may see further expansion quite swiftly from thereon out, though, as by all accounts the system was very popular when it came to trialling it. At one test McDonalds, apparently some customers were waiting for up to 30 minutes to get their phone on a Qi pad and restore their battery life.

According to a release from the Wireless Power Consortium (via Engadget), the charging mats are water resistant, so it doesn’t matter if you spill your giant drink on them.

There are some 70 odd phones which support Qi charging, but even if yours is one that doesn’t, you can still use the provided Aircharge wireless charging receiver to hook your device up with a power boost.