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Thanks to Parrot, you never need to worry about watering your plants again

Remember the time you forgot to water your plants and they died? Yeah, me too. Well, thanks to Parrot, never again will you have to worry about forgetting to water your plants.

Let a smart device do the thinking (and the watering) for you.

Parrot, a company best known for creating the AR Drone, the small quadcopter controlled via iPhone or Android powered devices, has created a device in charge of watering your plants: Named ‘Pot’ and ‘H20’, they are there to monitor soil moisture, temperature, fertilizer and required sunlight, but also to release the water for the plant.

The device, even though subtle looking, is quite impressive in its specs: Bluetooth 4.0, 8GB RAM, waterproof and lasting six months on one battery charge, it is a follow-up from Parrot’s ‘Flower Power’ sensor which is basically the same thing just without the watering function.

Pot, presented at this year’s CES in Las Vegas, is a watering system with two litres of water in reserve. The machine decides when the best time to water your plants is, and if the water reserves get low, it starts saving it and using only when necessary until you get the chance to refill it

To make it work, just stick it into the plant’s soil. It will send the data directly to your smartphone or tablet and is compatible with different kinds of water bottles that are just screwed on the top side.

Once the water bottle is attached, you’re free to go to that three weeks long vacation, without worrying about the life of your plants.