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Apple iPad Pro rear shell mould photo – more evidence the tablet is coming?

Have we caught our first glimpse of Apple’s much rumoured iPad Pro, or at least a manufacturing mould for the rear shell of the device?

We may have done, at least if a leaked photo from a Weibo user over in China (spotted by MacRumors) is genuine.

The iPad Pro is the alleged 12.2in tablet (though earlier rumours put it at around 13in) which Cupertino is making to further tighten its grip on the enterprise market, and help to stoke iPad sales which flagged throughout last year.

The photo shows a hefty mould which could possibly be for the larger iPad case – it’s certainly bigger than the full-size iPad Air. The snap is rather grainy and low quality, but you can make out an Apple logo very vaguely in the centre.

As MacRumors notes, though, even if the picture isn’t faked, it could simply be a mould for a prototype version of an iPad which has since been abandoned (or will be abandoned).

Still, it’s another small piece of evidence that Apple is working on, or at least prototyping, an iPad Pro, which could emerge this year. The Apple Watch is one certainty for 2015, and a smaller 4in iPhone is also rumoured, though that’s something of a long shot. The iPad Pro certainly makes sense in terms of pushing the tablet further with productivity.

Image Credit: Weibo via MacRumors