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CES 2015 broke multiple records as the largest show in history

This year’s International Consumer Electronics Show, which took place last week, was the biggest ever, and broke several records in show history, the organisers have announced.

No less than 170,000 industry professionals attended the show, with 45,000 of those coming from outside the States, to see 3,600 exhibitors – and a record number of startups were among their ranks. 375 startups were present, nearly double the 220 which CES 2014 saw in attendance.

In terms of the space used for stands, the show took up some 2.2 million square feet.

The organisers also noted that while the show was massive, area-specific product marketplaces allowed those attending to easily find specific areas of tech innovation, many of which were on show from driverless cars through to smart homes.

Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the CEA, commented: “This CES vastly exceeded our expectations. The show inspired and likely gave almost every attendee a sense that innovation will provide solutions to a range of global issues from the environment and agriculture to transportation, health and safety.”

“CES is the centre of convergence among content, services and products, combining to create amazing new technologies to improve our lives and entertain us. It’s been incredible to see thought leaders from many diverse communities come together for cross industry collaboration.”

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