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Google working on real-time translation to compete with Skype

Google Translate might be getting a large update in the upcoming months, following the launch of Skype Translator's real-time translation service for schools and businesses.

Google is reportedly looking to push out its own real-time translation service to compete with Skype Translator, but will feature 80 languages, rather than just the English and Spanish available on Skype's service.

However, Google Translate will not allow real-time voice translation. Instead, the user will speak and Google will translate it into written text. It is not clear if Google will have any supported translations for voice-only at launch.

Google has always been into neural networks, allowing the translation service to learn from mistakes and also take in different languages. Google Translate will store all of this available information and error reports in the cloud, making the application smarter from usage.

Google Translate has been downloaded over 100 million times on Android, and engineering director of Google Translate Macduff Hughes estimates over half a billion users have downloaded Google Translate across all platforms.

Skype is not far off Google Translate, with over 300 million active users worldwide. Skype Translator launched on a closed beta test, allowing Microsoft to gain more information and feedback before a full launch.

Multilingual voice services could be the future of freelancing business, schools connecting around the world and business discussions.

Microsoft and Google want to go head-to-head and see who will win, both have invested millions in voice recognition and neural networks, making it a huge battle for both software giants.