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iSetWatch: The wearable gadget that tennis players will love

The wearable technology scene is becoming so competitive that even seemingly niche markets are being targeted with bespoke gadgets.

The iSetWatch is one such device, offering real-time performance monitoring for tennis players.

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The device lets athletes share their scores with coaches, parents and friends, as well as providing standard features such as a watch, alarm, stopwatch and a downtimer. The iSetWatch utilisesb Bluetooth Low Energy radio with a 40-meter range, comes equipped with a blue-green EL backlight and buzzer and will be available in six different colours. It also promises a battery life of up to two years.

The iSetWatch was unveiled at CES 2015 on Sunday and will include a host of customisable features to ensure players get the most out of their tennis matches. Users are free to adjust the number of sets and games, as well as if Advantage or Tie Breaks are being played. Players can also be given useful reminders such as who is supposed to be serving and from what side of the court.

Like most wearables, the iSetWatch comes with an accompanying application, available from both the App Store and Google Play. The app syncs with the hardware and can analyse previous results and match statistics to assist players and coaches find the best way of improving performance. The app’s toolbox function can also help highlight the athlete’s weakest areas.

While fitness trackers and wearables have gone hand-in-hand for some time now, it remains to be seen whether more devices will launch that focus on specific sports such as football or rugby as teams and individuals look to gain a competitive edge.

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The iSetWatch is expected to be released in April this year and will retail for $129 (£85).