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Mark Zuckerberg to answer Facebook users’ queries at international Q&A on Wednesday

Mark Zuckerberg will be holding Facebook’s third public Q&A session this Wednesday, answering questions from the social network’s user base on a wide range of issues.

The Q&A will be the first ever international one, and it’ll be held in Bogota, Colombia. The Facebook CEO is hoping to hear more from Latin American Facebook users, an area where the social network has been rapidly expanding – and where it will gain a lot of future users (as developed markets are reaching saturation point in terms of Facebook).

Folks can ask a question on the Q&A with Mark page, and vote a question up simply by Liking it.

Zuckerberg said in his post (spotted by Venturebeat): “These Q&As are an opportunity for you to ask me questions, and for me to hear from you how we can make Facebook better… I'll answer questions for about an hour and try to get through as many as possible.”

Some questions are thoughtful and tough to answer, such as: “What do you think about the idea that social media and other forms of technology often contribute to people's loneliness by distracting them from – and often replacing – real, face-to-face, human interaction? Similarly, what are your thoughts about technology addiction? What role do you think Facebook plays in this?”

And others, not so much. For example: “Can u remove the messenger?” Or: “Can you give me a job?”

Along with a million requests for a Dislike button, and a feature allowing users to see who has visited their profile.

There will doubtless be plenty of the tougher questions up-voted, so it should be interesting to hear Zuckerberg’s response to at least some of these. A video of the session will be posted up on the Q&A page afterwards, as it has been with previous Q&As.