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There will be no stopping wearables over the next three years

According to new research, within the next three years, wearable adoption is going to pick up to such an extent that no less than 17 million British people will own a device – about a quarter of the population.

Many analysts have been predicting major growth in the wearables market this year, and a new survey from Canvas8 (commissioned by Currys PC World) has backed this up. 43 per cent of respondents said that wearable technology might be the key to a longer life, and the gadgets are no longer seen as mere novelty.

Wearables can help with fitness goals, and have become increasingly more sophisticated of late, adding functionality such as sleep or blood sugar monitoring.

Sales reflect this, with Currys PC World stating that the category has seen a seven-fold increase in sales compared to this time last year.

And what was the most popular wearable on folks’ wish-lists for this Christmas just passed? The Sony SmartWatch, along with the Fitbit Flex and Samsung Gear Fit.

The survey found that improving health and fitness was the number one reason for purchasing a wearable, with 39 per cent of respondents stating this. As to what folks want to monitor with their wearable, 39 per cent said calories, 36 per cent said daily activity, and 35 per cent wanted to measure their heart rate.

Almost half of 18 to 30-year-olds felt that everyone will be using these products in the future.

Dave Ward, Head of Innovations and Technology at Currys PC World, commented: “As wearable technology advances over the next few years it will revolutionise health and
fitness. Clever data correlations will mean than instead of just knowing you don’t sleep, you’ll realise it’s only on the days when you drink too many coffees.”