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Whitepaper: Accelerate your cloud journey

Evolve your IT strategy to include cloud services

Cloud computing has become a new fixture in the enterprise IT landscape. Just a few years ago, you might have described cloud-based IT services as unstable or insecure—a playground for startups or non-critical business applications. Today, these services meet the speed and capability requirements of large businesses and enterprise IT organisations. Cloud computing enables on-demand, pay-per-use access to an elastic pool of services and resources that can be provisioned quickly and scaled up or down in an instant. What could be better for the business?

There’s just one catch: this model allows business users to consume external public and managed services that were once available only from the IT organisation. In fact, in many companies, the business is adopting cloud services 2.5 times faster than IT. And as people embrace mobile applications and smart devices, we are seeing an explosion of new products, business models, and service delivery methods.

Enterprise IT needs a new approach to manage processes and applications that are distributed across a mix of environments. How do you make services immediately available, easy-to-use and accessible on mobile platforms while also preventing the IT bypass and unintended effects on the overall IT infrastructure? HP has a comprehensive plan to help you get there.

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