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Whitepaper: Fast-track to cloud

The cloud promises big things—improved innovation, increased agility, and reduced costs. But to realise these important benefits, you need to deploy the right cloud platform from the right vendor. If the time is now for your organisation to look to the cloud to deliver more business value, HP CloudSystem can get you there—with greater consistency, choice, and confidence.

Ready for the new style of IT?

For decades, IT followed a component-focused model, integrating an ever-growing number of elements into the data centre, including hardware, storage, networking, and applications. This drove down component costs, but put the burden of integration on IT. Virtualisation improved resource utilisation through system consolidation and resource pooling, but added to the management complexity.

Now cloud has emerged, empowering users with automated self-service access to a range of services. To fully capitalise on cloud, IT needs to change the way it operates—transitioning to a new model that delivers IT as a service.

To read more, download this whitepaper below.