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Whitepaper: HP and the Open Cloud - Building and enabling the open cloud for your business

The need for an open cloud
As the cloud matures and continues to drive the IT agenda around the globe, customers, partners and solution providers continue to seek out openness, scalability, security, and rapid time-to-market – all attributes delivered through open cloud technology. Enterprises are considering a variety of cloud business models to meet their infrastructure needs including:
- Private clouds – owned, deployed and managed by the customer
- Managed clouds – owned by the customer but managed by a 3rd party service provider
- Public cloud – offered as a service, where customers only pay for what they use.
Most enterprises envision having a hybrid cloud strategy where workloads are deployed in either multiple clouds (private or public) or are migrated to multiple clouds over the lifetime of the workload. Examples of this are:
- Development/test environment – deployed in one cloud while production workloads are deployed in a different private or public cloud
- Bursting – a private cloud workload can burst into the public cloud to handle spikes in usage/traffic
- Migration of a private cloud workload to a public cloud (or vice versa) for scalability, compliance or security reasons.
Openness implies the ability to move workloads between these various cloud alternatives without being locked into any single vendor’s cloud solution.

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