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Whitepaper: Master the cloud journey

Cloud computing is evolving. Are you ready?

Cloud has become mainstream. No longer on the fringes of IT service delivery, more and more enterprises are now making bold moves, betting on cloud to be the catalyst that will gain them a competitive advantage. Until recently, many took a “wait and see” approach—small‑scale pilot projects driven by cost cutting and limited to a single delivery model (either private or public cloud). However, the tide has now turned.

Enterprise IT is now adopting cloud for strategic, business-critical initiatives, blending public, private, and managed cloud into a hybrid delivery model. It is estimated that by 2016, 75 percent of IT delivery will be cloud-based. The focus is increasingly shifting from reducing costs to accelerating innovation and improving business value on technology investments.

This, in turn, is changing the thought process for IT and business executives alike. What used to be a technology-driven discussion has evolved to grapple with questions such as:
• How can cloud enable my business objectives?
• How do I accelerate cloud adoption?
• How do I manage risk?
• How do I manage the organisation’s mindset?
• How do I bridge with existing architectures, processes, applications, suppliers, governance, and infrastructure?
• How do I future-proof the investment we make today?

In short, what you now need to succeed is a holistic strategy that will help you to answer these and similar questions, and guide you toward your goals.

To keep reading, download the whitepaper below.