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Cisco's cyber security tips for businesses

In the final part of our trilogy with Terence Greer-King, director for cyber security at Cisco, Terence offers business some valuable security advice.

He starts off with the positives, namely the fact that IT security has become a boardroom issue rather than just a back-office function.

This has primarily been due to the extent of media coverage surrounding the area, with articles on company hacks and data breaches dominating our headlines on an "almost daily" basis, resulting in an increased awareness from the public.

He then moves on to discuss the role that HR can play in maintaining company security by encouraging the right behaviour from employees. He says that "65 per cent of threats and bad things that occur are through bad employee behaviour", so IT teams should be aware of what is happening throughout the company.

Terence also highlights the importance of education, especially for younger employees coming in to companies. This 'millennial' generation is statistically more likely to click on a link or email from an unknown source and is also more prone to giving away personal data to social media sites such as Facebook.

Check out the video above and let us know your thoughts on Terence's security tips for businesses and visit our YouTube page for more videos.