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Flappy Bird ported to arcade machine

The excruciatingly painful Flappy Bird can now be played at an arcade shop, thanks to Wisconsin-based BayTek, who ported the iOS and Android game over to a 42-inch arcade machine.

Known for a short and aggravating experience, Flappy Bird is a questionable title to be ported over to amusements, however BayTek has integrated tokens and gold coins into Flappy Bird, allowing players to get their money back if the score is high enough.

The tokens can be spent inside of the arcade store, but knowing how easy it is to try and beat a high-score, Flappy Bird might be more of a money sinker than a winner.

Temple Run and Doodle Jump were both ported over to arcade machines, two other highly successful mobile games with simple tap-and-swipe functionality.

Flappy Bird became one of the most popular mobile titles for a few months, surpassing 50 million downloads and earning Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen over $50,000 (£33,000) per day on advertising and in-game currency.

The popularity of the title was too much for Nguyen however, and he decided to remove Flappy Bird from the apps store on February 9th. Nguyen has went on to create Swing Copters, another viral success with over 35,000 customer reviews on iOS.

Other developers have been able to salvage Flappy Bird, and port it to various platforms. even offers a 15-minute tutorial on how to create your own Flappy Bird clone.

Nyugen has not re-launched Flappy Bird on iOS or Android, but checking the Apps Store on both platforms there are various clones available, offering different features from the original.