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General Motors interested in self-driving partnership with Google

General Motors chief technology officer Jon Lauckner has confirmed GM's interest in a partnership with Google at Detroit's auto-show, saying he would be open to a discussion with the search giant.

This is the first time GM has shown any major interest in the self-driving market, following an absent showing at the Consumer Electronics Show a few weeks ago, and no announcements at the Detroit auto-show.

Lauckner suggested that any other automotive company interested should "at least go over and kick the tires... I'd be completely surprised if Google doesn't have something to offer."

Google is also at the Detroit auto-show to reveal its plans for self-driving partnerships. The search company has been working on the self-driving platform for three years now, recently announcing a prototype self-driving car.

The prototype will also be previewed in Detroit, allowing anyone interested to take a ride in the completely autonomous car. Google is working with U.S. states to test the prototype car on more roads.

Google is not the only company working on self-driving, as Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz all showed off self-driving features at CES 2015. Audi completed a 550 mile drive using the self-driving A7 Jack, BMW showed off some impressive automatic braking technology and Mercedes Benz unveiled a prototype of 'Luxury In Motion', a futuristic self-driving experience.

However, these other autonomous concepts do seem to lack various features that Google's own platform already offers.

For example, Audi's self-driving car will not work in urban environments, BMW has only worked on security features and Mercedes Benz is still just a fancy concept.