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Sony plans Xperia Z4 Music edition for audiophiles

Rumour has it that Sony is planning a variant of its upcoming Xperia Z4 flagship which will be aimed squarely at music lovers.

The Xperia Z4 Music is a purported Walkman-based version of the phone, and we’ve caught a glimpse of it via a leaked snap which was put online by iGeek (spotted by Trusted Reviews).

The photo (see above) shows the phone with a classic Walkman UI to allow you to play your music, access FM radio, and so forth. The changes certainly go beyond tinkering with the interface, of course, and the biggest is the inclusion of hi-res audio codec support for better quality tunes.

These will also sound better through the S-Force PRO front-facing speakers, if you’re not using headphones that is. Sony’s handsets already do a good job with music playback, so it should be very interesting to hear the sort of quality levels a music-focused smartphone can achieve.

The Z4 Music won’t be the only spin on the flagship handset, either, the grapevine reckons, with Sony perhaps looking to further differentiate its products from rivals. There will certainly be the usual Z4 Compact model, and a larger Z4 Ultra, for starters (the latter is expected to have a massive 6.4in screen, following the current trend for bigger and bigger displays).

Image Credit: iGeek via Trusted Reviews