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GoPro shares tumble as Apple granted camera patent

Apple has filed a new patent which suggests it is about to take on GoPro in the compact camera market.

The patent, which has just been granted after being filed in 2012, refers to a digital camera system with remote control, leading some to speculate that it will connect with the upcoming Apple Watch.

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The patent even stipulates a number of weaknesses to the GoPro range which would be addressed by Apple’s device. GoPro cameras require multiple accessories to attach to different objects, for example. Apple is promising a camera that can be secured easily to a variety of items and provides video coverage from a multitude of directions.

Although the features mentioned in the patent may not be included in the final released product, if Apple is intended on releasing a camera at all, they do pose a significant threat to GoPro. The Cupertino-based firm is also claiming that its camera will boast underwater functionality and work as both a standalone camera and a remote controlled secondary device.

According to Patently Applebarc, the camera will utilise intellectual property from Kodak, following Apple’s acquisition of the firm back in November 2013.

With the patent indicting that Apple is considering an entrance into the camera market, GoPro’s share price has fallen, although it is only likely to be temporary.

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Perhaps Apple’s decision to release a camera of its own may ultimately rest with the success of the Apple Watch, due to launch in March. If the wearable gadget is successful, it would make sense for the Cupertino-based firm to capitalise on the potential connectivity, as it is certainly an avenue that third-party manufacturers will be considering.

The full patent, which was one of 34 granted to Apple today, can be found here.