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Apple rumour: Is the next iPad mini on the way?

The next incarnation of the iPad mini could pop up sooner than you think, according to the latest from the rumour mill.

Normally, the new iPad mini is revealed in the autumn (October), and has been since its inception, but the fourth incarnation of the compact tablet could just pitch up in the spring, according to Macworld.

The tech site notes that some reports have suggested the iPad mini 4 will be released along with the new iPad Pro slate in either April, or June of 2015. Although that doesn’t sound too likely a prospect to us – yes, the iPad Pro may well be revealed this spring, but is there really any need to push out an iPad mini as well, when Apple will also be launching its smartwatch around that time?

Also, how different could a new iPad mini be just six or so months down the road, without really annoying all those who bought one at the close of last year. Time will tell, as ever.

The iPad Pro, in case you’ve not been following Apple lately, is the company’s rumoured 12.2in (or possibly even 13in) tablet which is aimed at the business world and users wanting to be more productive with their iPad.