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Blackberry suffers social media hiccup on Twitter

Blackberry's quest to regain its former mobile phone glory has been curbed by its own social media team when the company used an iPhone to post a Tweet.

Blackberry tweeted “Keep up with the conversation on @twitter”, and attached an Instagram photo of one of the new Blackberry smartphone models.

Even though the regular Twitter app doesn’t show the platform the tweet was sent from, other apps like Tweetbot or Tweetdeck do, and it said it was posted “via Twitter for iPhone”.

Not long after, the tweet was removed, but the screenshot remained floating around the web.

Blackberry used to be one of the giants in the mobile market, but has lost the race to other manufacturers like Samsung and Apple long ago.

Even so, the Canadian company didn’t give up on the smartphone market and has continued sending out new models, some of which have received decent reviews.

One of those models is the new Blackberry Passport, a blocky shaped smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard.

However, this is not the first time Blackberry has had a gaffe like this, while struggling to rescue a dying brand.

Back in February 2013, Alicia Keys, the company’s Global Creative Director at the time, apparently posted a tweet using the iPhone instead of a BlackBerry BB10 she was endorsing.

A spokesperson answered the media’s questions, saying “Alicia Keys no longer has an iPhone and uses her BlackBerry Z10 exclusively”.

Keys claimed, via Twitter, that her account was hacked.