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Daily deal: TP-Link TL-PA4020PKIT 500Mbps powerline adapter twin-pack £40.49

Good morning bargain hunters! Today we bring to you two TP-Link TL-PA4020PKIT AV500 powerline adapters that convert your electrical system into a data network for just £40.49:

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Powerline adapters have been around for close to a decade, and it's surprising that they aren't more prevalent in our day-to-day lives. Powerline adapters simply plug into an electrical socket and POW instant high-speed network for your business or homestead. Naturally this allows you to have wired Internet access in areas that a Wi-Fi signal can't reach or reduce the noise and traffic that travels over your Wi-Fi network.

The TP-Link TL-PA4020PKIT AV500 has a few killer features that make it stand out from the pack:

  • Integrated power socket: The TP-Link TL-PA4020PKIT AV500 has an electrical socket built into it, so you aren't using up precious plug real-estate
  • Two ethernet ports: This powerline adapter has two ethernet ports on the bottom which allows you to provide two devices with a wired Internet connection
  • 500Mbps data transfer rate: With an up-to 500Mbps data transfer speed you can transfer data across your network pretty damn quick!

If you'd like to extend the reach of your wired Internet signal without running CAT-5 throughout your office or home a powerline adapter is a solid choice, and theTP-Link TL-PA4020PKIT AV500 is a great start to developing your network.

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