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Facebook to issue warnings for videos with graphic violence

Facebook is set to implement warning stickers to let people know if a video involves any sort of graphic violence, and it will prevent children from seeing such clips full-stop.

The move comes following video clips of the Charlie Hebdo shootings being posted on the network, and this footage is some of the first affected by the new policy.

Facebook doesn’t ban graphic videos if viewing them is part of the public interest, the Independent notes, but it does expect users to share videos responsibly, and offer a warning to viewers if a clip they’ve shared does contain graphic violence.

If users do notify concerning graphic content, Facebook may add a warning label, and prevent children on the network from viewing the clip at all. Such videos will also be exempt from Facebook’s automatic playback, whereby a clip starts to play even if you just scroll down to it in your news feed.

Mark Zuckerberg will be answering users’ questions later today at Facebook’s third public Q&A session, so this issue might be mentioned at some point during that event. The issue of Charlie Hebdo and censorship almost certainly will, with Zuckerberg having already spoken out on that front.

Yesterday, Facebook also announced plans to help locate missing children over in the US, with “amber alerts” to be integrated into news feeds.