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The laser tag game that lets you take a shot at a million other players

A Russian startup is looking to revolutionise the laser tag market by completely switching current industry standards for a prototype made in its garage or “laboratory.”

The team, made up of a group of friends united by their love of laser tag, has developed iTager, a wireless, remote-controlled system that could enable up to a million players to take part in a single mass battle.

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The manufacturers claim that iTager is fully functional over 2,500 ft in all weather conditions and can be mounted onto official laser tag weapons or amateur makeshift ones. The product comes in both an internal version which is ready to use straight out of the box, and an external version which can be easily mounted to practically anything, even your hand.

"During the last five years we have been collecting, improving, and experimenting with the commercial [laser tag] equipment and learning their weak points," lead developer Alexander Palamarchuk told Gizmag.

iTager was developed and tested in the team’s native Russia, after they had become dissatisfied with the limitations of existing laser tag products. The device should offer players increased freedom and range as there is no wire between weapon and sensor and the device comes with a battery life of 50 hours. Furthermore, if users wish to change the game’s settings, this can be achieved remotely via Wi-Fi and MESH networks.

Additional features, such as team chat via headset, are also available alongside 10 different game modes. iTager offers players real-time information like current scores and player tracking via connection tob a smartphone or computer.

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The iTager’s Kickstarter page has until the 7 March to achieve its $30,000 target (£20,000). If anyone is interested in making a pledge, $120 will get you the DIY set, which comes with the iTager internal kit, Wi-Fi sensor and dog tag and the device should be ready to ship by July.