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Sony plans sale for mobile business

Sony's expansive growth in the 1990s is costing them in the long-run, due to various divisions underperforming and sinking the company's overall profits. One of those divisions is mobile, which has been struggling ever since the adoption of Android.

Ten years ago, Sony Ericsson was one of the premier brands of smartphones, but following the move away from Ericsson, the Japanese company's success has dwindled as its Xperia line continues to see minimal returns.

According to Reuters, Sony's CEO Kazuo Hai is mulling a potential sale of the mobile business. It would not be the first high-profile division sale, considering Kazuo sold the VAIO laptop business to Japan Industrial Partners (JIP) in 2014, keeping hold of 10 per cent of the brand as part of the deal.

The report comes after The Wall Street Journal reported Sony would cut back on manufacturing for Xperia smartphones and tablets, following another unsuccessful year in the mobile business.

Android users do not appear to be paying close attention to the Xperia range, despite the Xperia Z3 getting overwhelmingly positive reviews from established companies, saying the smartphone's battery life and design aced the competition.

Sony has gained small advantages here and there, due to the Galaxy S5 failing to win over customers in 2014. However Sony still lacks the core low and mid tier sales Samsung, Xiaomi and Nokia have acquired however, and does not have the same high-end pedigree as Apple.

There is already talk in several divisions of potential layoffs, including the recently hacked Sony Pictures.

Some experts even believe the Sony Pictures attack was orchestrated by a frustrated ex-employee, wanting to get back at their redundancy.