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Sophia the smart skipping rope launches on Kickstarter

2015 is the year in which smart gadgets are poised to make their move for world domination, and there are certainly enough fresh innovations coming out, the latest of which is a smart skipping rope.

Sophia is a skipping rope which has recently launched on Kickstarter, and is a simple piece of exercise equipment with much added functionality via the hardware and display built into the handles.

The rope itself is lightweight and easy to carry about, with a leather grip and “highly resistant cord” which make it feel nice to handle as you go about your skipping.

The skipping rope hooks up to your phone and a companion Android or iOS app via Bluetooth, and lets you know fitness stats such as the number of jumps you’ve performed, and calories burned.

Daily and weekly stats are compiled, and the app also offers an arcade mode, and a competition mode in which you can challenge your friends. If you don’t have your smartphone about your person while doing your skipping, Sophia will remember the stats from the exercise session and sync them up with your phone the next time it’s near the handset.

The makers say that Sophia will have a battery that will last for an entire month, given a daily usage of half an hour (so total longevity will be about 15 hours).

They also stated: “Five minutes of daily cardio activity goes a long way towards living a healthier life. The skipping rope provides the highest quality of quick cardio workout.”

An hour of skipping burns some 1300 calories, and provides a workout for the arms and shoulders, abs, and legs, by all accounts.

Anyone interested in backing the project can pledge £22 for one rope, £30 for one rope in a range of colours, £52 for two ropes or £76 for three ropes.