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Brits are sending over 1,500 pointless emails each year

In a typical 365 day year, the average British worker receives 1,728 pointless emails, a study suggests.

The poll, conducted by premium headsets specialists Sennheiser, included 2000 office workers, and a third of those claim they have someone in the office that sends pointless emails.

More than half of those (53 per cent) said they’d wish people would talk to each other more.

Marketing manager for the company, Charlotte Gaskin, says emails seem like a bugbear of British workers.

‘’We are used to firing off emails for even the slightest thing”, she said. “But it seems like some of the more mundane requests can be avoided. Copying in lots of people to emails does seem to be a bugbear of British workers. Sometimes it’s more effective to have a face to face conversation or just pick-up the phone. This way there’s less room for misinterpretation as well”, added Gaskin.

Email gives a certain security to people, says Gaskin, because means of direct communications leave little room for error: "It’s clear many people tend to hide behind emails, rather than have a telephone call.

"But phone calls don’t leave room for error and making a call is usually easier than writing an email, especially with the wide range of professional headsets we offer, which mean your voice can be heard in HD sound clarity.

“You’re also far more likely to resolve an issue quickly and correctly. Perhaps it’s time we all started using our voices a little more often.”

Image source: Shutterstock/Peshkova