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Samsung allegedly attempting mobile bizarre buyout

Samsung is reportedly interested in acquiring Canada based mobile company BlackBerry for £5 billion, in a move to acquire more telecommunication and wireless equipment patents.

The Korean hardware giant has been in talks with BlackBerry before over an acquisition, but could not negotiate a reasonable price. The new CEO Jon Chen is apparently more open to discussion, although a BlackBerry spokesperson denied claims of a buyout to Reuters.

BlackBerry is reportedly holding onto a sale price of $13.35-$15.49 (£8.79-£10.20) per share, 38 to 60 per cent higher than its current stock trading price, which could lead to a £5.60 billion acquisition at the highest amount.

An acquisition of BlackBerry would give Samsung more power in the enterprise market against Apple and other parties, it would also give Samsung ownership of some enterprise services.

Samsung already operates its own enterprise security platform, named KNOX, but could integrate some of BlackBerry's best services. Samsung has previously worked with BlackBerry to bring BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) to parts of Asia and Africa.

It is not the first time BlackBerry has reportedly went up for sale, in 2014 reports said Lenovo was in close talks with the smartphone maker, but could not come to agreements. Lenovo acquired Motorola Mobility a few months after, giving them leverage into the U.S. mobile market.

BlackBerry has just started to rise in the mobile market with the launch of the Passport and Classic, for old and new customers. It launched BBM on iOS and Android in early 2014, boosting users to over 100 million worldwide.

There have been other reports of BlackBerry intending to spin-off BBM into a new subsidiary, and potentially splitting the company's mobile operations and networking. Some rumors even suggest a complete sale of BlackBerry's hardware business, similar to Nokia, while retaining the software, services and networking.