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iPhone 6S to come with optical zoom on camera, and revamped touchscreen?

The next iPhone could come with a dual-lens camera, and a pressure sensor for the display, according to the mobile grapevine.

This rumour comes from the media over in Taiwan (spotted by TechRadar), and originates from component manufacturers, as do most iPhone rumours.

The 3D pressure sensor for the screen would mean that the iPhone 6S (or indeed the iPhone 7, whatever it ends up being called) would be able to detect the amount of force the user is applying with a touch.

In other words, the UI would be able to allow for light presses of the display, or stronger ones, with different functions tied to those. It’ll be a new kind of touchscreen control – if this speculation is true, of course.

As for the dual-lens camera, that will apparently improve low-light photography results, and allow for optical zoom (which is obviously better quality than a digital zoom, which just makes the image more pixelated). If all this is true, Apple will certainly have plenty to shout about when it comes to the next iPhone launch.

The rumour mill is also speculating that Apple could produce a 4in version among this year’s iPhone models (an iPhone mini, as it were), although these fresh leaks suggest the company will stick to the current-sizes of the iPhone 6 handsets. This comes on top of other speculation that the 4in model isn’t happening, and we’ve always thought it was pretty unlikely to be the case since the idea first popped up.

Looking further down the line, an Apple patent for a flexible phone recently came to light, so a bendy iPhone could be in the pipeline at some point.