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Viral Snapchat scam hits Facebook

Ever since the launch of auto-play videos, new groups have emerged on Facebook showing funny photos and viral videos, in an effort to win over viewers and like their page. However, due to lack of shared ad-revenue, these pages go to extremes in order to make money.

One of these extremes could be a new scam, called "Hottest Snapchat", where pages use catchy tabloid titles like "Check Out These Top 10 Leaked Snapchats" to lure users onto malicious sites. When the user clicks, they are moved to a scamming site, offering subscription services, electronics or amazing diet pills.

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Facebook's Snapchat scam in action.[/caption]

Catalin Cosoi, Chief Security Strategist at Bitdefender, states, “Fraudulent websites promoting Snapchat leaks and other ‘viral’ content could lead to identity fraud and financial losses... Bitdefender advises users to be suspicious of videos, Snapchats and pictures ‘leaked’ online, particularly on Facebook.”

The scam has affected thousands of users already, but the sale of diet pills and subscription services seems to extremely small, compared to the amount of people clicking these articles.

Facebook has suffered from various scams in the past, including "Emma Watson leaked video", that spread on Facebook like wildfire, as more people shared the video with friends unintentionally.

Bitdefender claims the scam is the second most popular Facebook scams, behind the notorious 'check your top profile visitors' scam. It also claims scams will continue to a prevalent security risk in 2015, as more happy-go-lucky websites try to monetise their audience with scams.

Facebook has not responded to comments on the new scams, and what it intends to do to stop users getting hit by scam websites.