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Charlie Hebdo produces app following ‘survivor’s issue’ being sold out

Charlie Hebdo has produced an app version of its magazine, following the print version selling out almost immediately after hitting shelves.

As you’re doubtless aware, the so-called “survivor’s issue” is the first to be produced after the shootings in Paris last Wednesday, and it saw five million copies fly off the shelves.

And so Charlie Hebdo made the obvious move, and produced an app which can’t possibly run out of stock, with it being available for iOS, Windows Phone, and Android (tablets only for the latter, the Independent reports).

At the moment, the app is only available in its native French language, but translations for English, Spanish and Arabic are going to be offered soon – indeed according to one comment on the Play Store, the English version should appear later today (of course, take that with a sizeable pinch of salt).

Reading it isn’t the point for many, of course, as just downloading it and registering support for Charlie Hebdo, and freedom of speech, is the real reason for getting hold of the app.

Thus far on the Play Store, the app has picked up 439 reviews, almost all of which have been five stars.

As we reported yesterday, the Charlie Hebdo affair has provoked cyber-warfare on both sides, with Anonymous looking to take down terrorist-linked sites and social network accounts, and a group called AnonGhost hitting French websites and taking them down, replacing them with an Islamic State flag.