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Crayola's Facebook defaced with drawn adult illustrations

Crayon company Crayola has offered “sincere apologies” to its Facebook community after inappropriate and offensive posts were made on its Facebook page.

In a message, the company said that the official Crayola page has been restored. On Sunday 11th January, Crayola acknowledged that its official Facebook page had been taken over posting a status that it was “making every effort to stop the unauthorised posts”.

It also said: “We don’t condone the inappropriate & offensive content being posted to the fraudulent Crayola FB page & sincerely apologise to our fans.”

According to Sophos Naked Security, the standard crayon images were replaced with drawn adult images, some of which were rather adult-themed.

Naked Security contributor Lisa Vaas said that while it was mildly amusing, this is a Facebook page aimed at parents of little kids, after all. “Even forgetting that children might have seen it, the external sites that the NSFW posts linked to could quite well have been hosting malware or other nasties,” Vaas said.

“Unless we’re purposefully looking for adult content, we want to keep lemons and peaches in the fruit bowl where they belong, as opposed to being associated with female anatomy on the Facebook page for our kids’ crayons.”

Crayola said: “We can’t thank our fans enough for the feedback and support we received while working to resolve the issue, you truly are the best and we look forward to an exciting and creative 2015!”

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