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Microsoft announces updated program terms for Windows 10 Technical Preview users

Microsoft has sent out emails to people signed up for the Windows Insider program, informing them that changes are on the way to terms and conditions. These changes will affect anyone who is using Windows 10 Technical Preview which is due for a new build very soon.

There have already been several public preview builds of the next version of Windows, and it is widely expected that the next big update will be unveiled in under a week's time on January 21. "The next chapter" of the Windows 10 story is due -- possibly including a Windows Phone 10 preview -- and it seem that new terms and conditions are needed.

Microsoft's email give nothing away about the changes that are coming, but it could be indicative of a change to the way the preview program works, or it could be because of a new feature of Windows 10. At the moment, the Participation Agreement and Terms of Use document for the Windows Insider Program is dated September 11, 2014. Four months down the line, Microsoft feels it's time for an update.

The email itself is pretty short and doesn’t give anything away:

Hello, Windows Insider –

So... is this just legal stuff that will prove to be of little consequence to us users, or do the changes mean something more? Not long until we find out; prepare to download!