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Unsuspecting students fall victim to Skype sex scam

A woman calling herself “Cathy Wong” has befriended at least three young men on Facebook, got them to contact her via Skype and then convinced them to perform sexual acts for her via webcam.

However rather than being a friendly lady, she secretly recorded these acts and later used the clips to blackmail the men.

According to Toms Guide, Wong first claimed her grandmother was ill and asked each man for £3,000 and after each refused, Wong revealed the compromising Skype recordings she’d taken, and threatened to post the videos to YouTube if the men didn’t pay up.

In a general warning issued by North Yorkshire Police, they suspect gangs may be involved, and that there may be more victims and urged anyone else affected by this or similar scams to come forward.

The three young men who came forward are all students, but not acquainted with each other. Police believe the scam may have worldwide reach.

At a time when staying safe online is more important than ever, this episode serves as another reminder of the potential dangers on the internet and the kind of things people are willing to do to scam unsuspecting individuals.

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