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Twitter offers startups $25,000 prize for ‘Hatch’ competition

Twitter has announced a new global startup competition where businesses can vie for prizes ranging between $5,000 and $25,000.

The “Hatch” competition will see start-ups compete to prove that they have the best use of Twitter’s software development suite Fabric. The 10 finalists will then be flown to San Francisco to present their ideas at the first Hatch Gala.

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Alongside the prize money, the wining app will also receive consultations with Twitter executives, meetings with potential investors and VIP access to Twitter Developer Events throughout 2015.

Fabric was launched back in October of last year in order to streamline the app development process. It encompasses a modular, cross-platform mobile development suite combining seven of Twitter's SDKs to help developers improve stability, outreach and monetisation.

The platform was updated last month to include new features available through the service’s Crashlytics Kit.

At the same time as the Hatch competition, Twitter will also be launching its Flock tour, a series of half-day events taking place in cities around the world where businesses and individuals are given the opportunity to meet the social network’s team of Fabric engineers and Developer Advocates. The tour will take in 18 cities throughout 2015 including London, Berlin, New York and Tokyo.

Entrants to the Hatch competition are advised to sign up to one of the Flock events in order to gain valuable advice regarding their project.

“We believe the next great app can come from anywhere so we are going everywhere we can to help you learn how to use Fabric to build great apps,” Jeff Sandquist, Twitter’s head of developer and platform relations, wrote online.

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In order to be eligible for Hatch, startbarcups must have taken $2 million or less in funding and made less than $10 million in revenue.